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The Modern Challenges of Formative Assessment 

Assessment, today there is an abundance of simple, effective and free ways to collect information for learning in your classroom. A new challenge that these tools confront us with is whether we are making the most of the formative assessment data that we collect. Are we using this information effectively to inform our choices about the learning opportunities that we provide for our students?”

Using Book Creator for Differentiated Learning 

Book Creator’s multimodal tools and supports can be used for both teachers and students to create content, demonstrate understanding while building in student voice and choice.

The Power of Google Sites and Audio

The Power of Google Sites & Audio 

The Modern Robes of Democracy 

Creating Draggable Stacks in Google Slides and Google Drawing 

Enhancing Civic Education with Game-Based Learning 

Using Technology to Support English Learners in the Classroom 

The Transformation of History Instruction 

Start Building with Virtual Reality NOW 

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