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Educator's Guide to Sutori

When considering the value and impact of edtech tools and platforms, I always take a close look at the following factors:

  1. Does the tool enable teacher’s and students to actively create and engage with others?
  2. Is the tool simple and intuative to use?
  3. Does the tool integrate seemlessly with the other powerful educational technologies widely used by teachers.

I recently had the opportunity to take a deep dive into a tool called Sutori. This resource is an emphatic “yes” to all of the questions above. It is a versatile content and multimedia creation tool. It enables students to interact with content in various ways while also having the opportunity to collaborate and engage with other classmates. It works great with other commonly used tools such as Quizlet, Padlet, and Edpuzzle.

Canva has come out with a couple of new features. Learn more here!

Exciting news from Canva this past weekend!  The application has created the opportunity for users to do some freehand DRAWING.  There are four drawing tools available including a pen, marker, glow pen, and highlighter.  Each drawing tool can be adjusted for size and transparency.  Additionally, there are endless color options that can be customized with […]

In the lead-up to our live Innovation Connection event on November 1st, EdTechTeacher’s Tom Daccord, Avra Robinson and Tom Driscoll had the opportunity to engage in fascinating discussions with nine of our featured presenters.

Comic Strip Creation in Canva for EdU

Comic strips can be a fun and creative way to tell a fictional story, demonstrate understanding of nonfiction content, or share ideas in many other contexts.  With Canva for EDU, teachers and students can start from scratch or use a premade template to get started.

Creating with Canva by Avra at EdTechTeacher

We have a whole series of blog posts and videos designed to help you learn more about how to CREATE – and get your students creating in Canva for EDU. Check it out today!

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