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Learn how to use the Bloom’s Taxonomy AI Prompts to help you easily enhance lessons!

Be An Author Month - March 2024

March is Be An Author Month, and we’re proud to be partnering with Book Creator to help literacy come alive for kids.

AI in Edu Summit

The EdTechTeacher AI in Edu Summit is dedicated to exploring the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in education. As we embark on this journey together, it is imperative to recognize that our discussion extends far beyond the realm of chatbots and digital tools. We encourage administrators, school leaders, and dedicated educators to join us in exploring the frontiers of AI in education.

MassCue 2023 Features Speakers

EdTechTeacher is excited to be back presenting at the MassCue Fall Conference at Gillette Stadium! One of the best edtech conferences in the nation, MassCue has always proven to be an amazing event that showcases the best in educational technology and digital learning strategies.

Google recently announced that Jamboard is winding down in 2024 (Details here) and educators across the world are now in search of viable alternatives. In this post, we provide suggestions and resources for three powerful white boarding alternatives that integrate seamlessly with Google for Education.

Iterate Book Cover

We are thrilled to be hosting the “Iterate: The Secret to Innovation in Schools” book launch webinar with author and EdTechTeacher co-Founder Justin Reich! Iterate reflects insights about design, collaboration, and improvement from educators around the world, and from colleagues at MIT.

Microsoft Quick Guides

Are you a teacher at a Microsoft School? Are you looking to get a better understanding of how to leverage Microsoft tools to help your students? A great place to start is with Microsoft Quick Guides. These concise resources show you how to make effective use of some of the more powerful, but often overlooked features of Microsoft Office such as Speaker Coach, Reading Coach, and Immersive Reader.

ChatGPT Teacher Tips Part 10 - Feedback

By leveraging ChatGPT, teachers can enhance the feedback process, provide personalized guidance, and support students in the learning process. Teachers can leverage ChatGPT to formulate feedback on student work or allow students to receive feedback from ChatGPT on their own. ChatGPT can generate feedback that is tailored to individual needs and teachers can input assessment criteria to target specific areas for feedback. 

5 Reasons To Use FigJam This School Year

FigJam is a collaborative whiteboard that students and teachers can use to brainstorm, ideate, and collaborate. From simple drawings to sticky notes and comments, FigJam is a fun and engaging way to engage students in the classroom. Here are five reasons FigJam will be your go-to edtech tool this school year.

ChatGPT can summarize thousands of words in seconds and can be used to summarize long texts such as news articles, academic papers, and even short books. ChatGPT can also be leveraged to translate and summarize articles in select other languages into English.

Becoming Active Citizens: Practices to Engage Students in Civic Education Across the Curriculum

As co-authors of Becoming Active Citizens: Practices to Engage Students in Civic Education Across the Curriculum, Shawn McCusker and Tom Driscoll accepted the challenge to keep America the beacon of democracy in a troubled world. We’re honored Shawn found the time to answer a few questions about the book, positive civic initiatives around the country, and whether he’s optimistic about America’s future.

ChatGPT can be used to generate writing prompts and writing suggestions that can provide ideas, inspiration and motivation for students working through parts of the creative process. It can serve as a brainstorming assistant that serves up a steady stream of ideas to provide students with more flexibility in story development and help move their writing forward.

Jonathan Rollins

onathan Rollins is a Science Teacher, Technology Coordinator, and Science Curriculum Coordinator at Ponaganset Middle School in North Scituate, Rhode Island. He has been teaching for over 18 years and has a passion for helping students learn. He is also an avid technology user and believes that technology can be a powerful tool for learning.

It is important that students are capable of engaging in conversations and confident in their beliefs and values while remaining open to listening to others who they may disagree with. Here is a helpful model to teach and encourage students to engage in dialogue, rather than debate.

As educational technology allows us access to more student learning data, how can we as educators use that data to create meaningful, differentiated activities? But more importantly how can we make the process of differentiating simple and diverse without making it incredibly time consuming?  One platform that offers hope is BookWidgets.

Summer Learning Pass Graphic

Our Summer Learning All-Access Pass is Back! 25+ Flexible Workshop Options, 1 Low Price!