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One of the easiest ways to allow your students voice and choice in the classroom is to provide them with a variety of choices that provides the opportunity to express their learning in a way that allows them to feel successful. Cue Adobe Express!

Tom Driscoll is an author, keynote speaker and CEO of EdTechTeacher. Following his graduate research at Columbia University, Tom began writing and speaking nationally about his practical experiences teaching and iterating blended learning models.

Students can learn a variety of complex concepts and processes through examples. ChatGPT can generate many examples on numerous topics and do so within a matter of seconds.

We are excited to launch our new Spring Renewal Free Webinar Series! Choose any (or all!) of the free webinars and join our world-class instructors as they provide helpful strategies, edtech recommendations and answer participant questions. Learn more about each upcoming webinar below.

ChatGPT is a particularly useful writing generator and can also save teachers much time. Teachers can use ChatGPT to assist them in the writing of (among other things): curriculum materials, feedback on student work, rubrics, discussions questions, grammar or vocabulary lessons, and a mindmap of a course. 

Shawn O’Neill is an experienced classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and presenter.  She has spent over 24 years teaching in the elementary-level classroom and is currently a professor at Bridgewater State University, teaching in the Elementary Education Department.

Google Workspace Offer 2023

We are excited to announce a new Google Workspace offer for 2023! If you purchased G Suite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE) on a promotional discount & you commit to transition to Education Plus in 2023, you are entitled to get FREE PD services from us at EdTechTeacher!

With ChatGPT, students can receive tailored support tailored to their learning styles. With its AI-powered platform, ChatGPT can provide an individualized learning path that ensures both engagement and comprehension for each student.

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When students have the tools to help navigate their learning challenges, it makes for a happier, more equitable classroom. Book Creator’s combination of simplicity, inclusivity, and powerful creativity is why it is a top go-to tool.  

Our friends at Book Creator have some fantastic webinars planned for May, including one with our very own Director of Professional Learning, Shawn McCusker on 4th May!

Catherine Atkinson is an instructor with EdTechTeacher. She is an experienced classroom teacher, curriculum designer, presenter, and technology coach.

You became an administrator to help kids learn and not to settle disagreements between your teachers and the IT department. However, so many of us find ourselves in the following scenario…

ChatGPT is particularly useful in building quizzes and tests for standardized content and it can also save teachers tremendous amounts of time.

EdTechTeacher is exited to offer a new 4-hour course on AI & ChatGPT in Education! (NEW COHORT ADDED) Join us for an amazing expert-led cohort experience about this rapidly advancing development in education!

In this exciting new series of posts, we are sharing practical ways that you can use ChatGPT to assist with your lesson design! Each post will focus on a practical strategy and will include ideas for both elementary and secondary school teachers.

As educators we know that incorporating STEM into our elementary classrooms has benefits that reach far beyond just science and mathematics.  When we provide our classroom with hands-on STEM activities, students are not only learning about science, technology, engineering, and math; they are learning many important skills that will continue to benefit them in all aspects of their lives.

The introduction of ChatGPT has resulted in tremendous public interest, but it also caused a great deal of concern in schools across the country. For most educators, ChatGPT is their first direct encounter with a powerful artificial intelligence system — one that writes essays, poetry, songs, code and more.

WHAT IS ChatGPT? How can teachers use it today? HOW ABOUT STUDENT USE? What about cheating? WHAT’S NEXT FOR AI IN EDUCATION?…. In this EdTechTeacher Webinar, our expert panel will be discussing this and more! Join us and ask your own questions to our experts!

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The global transition toward remote communication has been one of the most profound and lasting effects recent world events have had. Students and teachers, employers, employees, and even families have had to adapt to the growing need to interact wirelessly.

Book Creator has dropped a couple of new updates recently. Find out how to bring your PDFs back to life in Book Creator, plus learn about a secret BONUS update that teachers have been waiting for!

Ever been interested in Japan? Well, Japan is interested in you! Well, more specifically, your classroom. LoiLoNote School is a cloud-based classroom support system, based in Japan, looking to help schools from all over. In the pursuit of augmenting human potential and improving education worldwide, we’ve found that traditional education methods are not enough to foster active learning, in an increasingly digital world, especially when they involve unilateral lectures for students without providing them the opportunity to apply their own knowledge or collaborate effectively. The benefits of active learning are wide-reaching across cognitive, ethical, and social competence, which bleeds into culture, knowledge, and experience to form more well-rounded, confident individuals. As we considered the best ways to access these benefits, our educational software came into fruition and has continued to be developed ever since.

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