We need more kids to see the world of possibilities waiting for them. That’s why EdTechTeacher is delighted to be chosen by Digital Promise to participate in the Verizon Innovative Learning initiative to provide free technology, free access, and immersive, hands-on learning to kids in need. #weneedmore. weneedmore.com


We understand teachers because we have all been teachers.

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Custom EdTech Onsite Workshops
We travel the country and the world to deliver hands-on edtech experiences to support teachers to meet the needs of their students' learning environments.
Innovation Summits

How do we create the next generation of Innovators? Join us on our annual conferences in Boston and California!

Full Year Professional Development
We know that systemic change takes time. Therefore, we provide a blended learning program that combines workshops with online learning to support teachers' edtech integration.

Our Free Resources

App Recommendations

Whether you have iPads, Chromebooks, Laptops, or other mobile devices, we have vetted apps to meet the learning objectives for your students.

Google Apps for Education

Our staff of Google Certified Trainers have created and curated resources for navigating GAFE in your classroom.

Webinars and tutorials
With 100s of videos in our library, we are always creating new content to show you how to get the most out of today's latest ed tech tools.
Our blog
We published articles weekly highlighting the latest in innovation and educational technology trends, tools, and apps along with practical ideas to implement them in today's classrooms.