Distant & Remote Teaching and Learning

The team at EdTechTeacher is dedicated to helping educators, schools, and students during this challenging time. Through blog posts, resources and webinars, we are here to help throughout extended school closings.


Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday December 2

3:30-4:00pm EST

Using Google Forms for Digital Assessments
This webinar will provide an introduction to using Google Forms to design digital assessments. Join EdTechTeacher Instructor Caitlin McLemore to explore different question types, quiz settings, and extensions for creating formal and informal digital assessments.

Monday December 7

3:00-3:30 pm EST

Facilitating Virtual Rotations in Remote / Hybrid Classrooms
The blended learning approach of station rotation can be a helpful framework in a remote / hybrid classroom. However, there are unique challenges that exist when facilitating this process remotely and in virtual workspaces. When implemented succesfully, this approach can allow remote teachers to effectively connect with smaller cohorts of students within a larger class. Join EdTechTeacher instructor, Greg Kulowiec for this 30 minute webinar to explore the process, setup and facilitation of virtual station rotations

Tuesday December 8

3:00-3:30 pm EST

Creating Remote Learning Video Experiences with mmhmm & Record to Slides
Creating instructional video is a critical component of online and virtual instruction. Join EdTechTeacher instructor, Greg Kulowiec, to explore and learn more about two helpful video creation tools to improve the quality, efficiency and impact of your virtual or remote learning experiences through with video. Please note: mmhmm is a MacBook only app at this time & Record to Slides is a Google Chrome extension.

Thursday December 10

3:00-3:30 pm EST

Formative Feedback via Video in the Elementary Classroom
Video provides a fantastic method of giving formative feedback to students as they work to learn, grow, improve their work, or hone their skills. It can also be utilized as a strategy for peer to peer feedback. Join EdTechTeacher instructor, Avra Robinson, for this 30 minute webinar to explore the process and several possible tools for creating formative feedback videos for students.

Thursday December 10

4:00-4:30 pm EST

Game-Based Assessments For Virtual Learning
tom driscoll
Game-based assessment tools are a fun, engaging way for teachers to gain key insights into student learning. These digital platforms are also conducive to distance and hybrid learning environments. Join EdTechTeacher instructor Tom Driscoll to explore three of the most popular game-based learning platforms in education and learn practical tips on how to design and facilitate them in virtual learning settings.

Featured Resource of the Month

Remote Learning Guidebook

We hope that educators and school leaders find this guidebook useful in planning for the 2020-21 school year and beyond.

At EdTechTeacher, we believe in the potential for transformative learning experiences through innovative uses of technology. This guidebook provides educators with best practices, practical recommendations, and technology tools to reimagine learning in any classroom.

What we cover:

Building blocks of digital learning experiences

  • Topics include the importance of a common vision, relationship-building, efficient use of time, and quality professional learning.

Designing meaningful digital experiences

  • Topics include student-teacher roles in online learning spaces, curriculum design for hybrid and remote learning, and communicating with students online.

Creating engaging digital lessons

  • Recommendations and resources for specific technology tools related to digital communication, interactive texts and lessons, audio production, screencasting tools, video creation, and subject-specific tools.

Reimagining assessment

  • Considerations for reimagining assessment in online learning spaces, including an emphasis on formative assessment to provide a more comprehensive picture of student learning that measures student product, process, and progress.

Designing formative assessments

  • Recommendations and resources for specific technology tools related to formative assessment including polls, surveys and quizzes, and gamified assessment tools.



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