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IT & EdTech Needs Assessment (Audit)

This assessment offers a third person perspective from our IT & EdTech professionals to thoroughly assess a district’s current IT and educational technology infrastructure, policies, and services. We will provide a detailed report with recommendations on ways to enhance your institutional capacity for effective technology integration, strong IT infrastructure, and effective data architecture that meets the needs of students and teacher. Check out our sample report below!

Why conduct an IT / EdTech needs assessment?


Improve your IT and Educational Technology processes and structure to achieve greater efficiencies.


Effectively manage and make use of your data, with a focus on interoperability.


Enhance your network and related systems such as access points, switches, redundancies, and disaster recovery plans.


Improve your school’s IT and EdTech budget forecasting and sustainability.


Enhance the security and reliability of your IT network and systems.


Follow up training and workshops are available based upon the report findings to support your district’s needs.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Learn how to develop and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for your school district’s technology systems. This training will cover data backup strategies, identifying critical systems, establishing recovery procedures, and testing your plan to ensure minimal disruption in the event of a disaster.

Cybersecurity Planning and Training

This training will address the key elements of cybersecurity in a K-12 environment. Understand common threats, develop incident response plans, learn best practices for password management, secure network configurations, and educate staff and students on safe online practices.

Data Retention Policies

Develop a clear understanding of legal and regulatory requirements related to data retention in the education sector. Explore best practices for managing different types of data (student records, staff information, financial data), determining retention periods, and ensuring secure data disposal.

On-boarding / Off-boarding Management

Create streamlined processes for onboarding and offboarding staff and students. This training will cover efficient account creation and termination, access control for different user groups, software licensing management, and security considerations for device setup and return.

Technology Plan Creation

This training will guide participants in developing a comprehensive technology plan aligned with the school district’s overall strategic goals. Learn to analyze current technology use, identify needs, set priorities, create a realistic budget, and establish measurable outcomes.

Strategic Planning for IT Teams

Develop strategies to ensure your IT team supports the district’s educational mission. Learn to align IT initiatives with school priorities, proactively plan for future technology needs, effectively communicate with stakeholders, and measure the impact of technology investments.

Team Building for IT Departments

Foster a collaborative and effective IT team environment. This training will focus on improving communication, problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, and fostering a culture of support and innovation within the IT department.

Getting Out of the Server Room and Into the Classroom

Empower IT staff to move beyond technical support and become active partners in the learning process. Participants will explore strategies for collaborating with teachers, integrating technology into the curriculum, troubleshooting in the classroom environment, and providing meaningful professional development for educators.

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