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For the past several weeks, Greg has been working to set up two iPad carts in his school (we posted iPad Cart & App Selection last week). Now that everything is up and running, he has embarked on a completely paperless research process with colleague @katrinakennett and her 10th grade English class. This will be a three week […]

After two weeks of setting his school up with two new iPad carts, Greg posted iPad Cart & App Selection to his blog, chronicling some of the decision making process that he employed in setting up two carts of 30 iPads for his school. Rather than focusing first on the apps, Greg took a goal-based […]

At the annual National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) conference this fall, Greg Kulowiec presented with three colleagues on the topic of Video in the Classroom. Edutopia regularly features great examples of Project-Based Learning and Comprehensive Assessment, and the presentation that Greg and his colleagues delivered addresses both of those themes. In the article, Lights, Camera . . […]

This school year, at EdTechTeacher, we are doing our first iPad T21 program. During our second face-to-face workshops, our participants raised an excellent question: how do we actually USE these in the classroom? This seems to be a common thread throughout the blogosphere as educators grapple not with finding apps, but the challenge of truly […]

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