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April is National Poetry Month, so we thought it only fitting to share a few ideas from our team. Barbaric Yawp in the 21st Century: Using Tech to Engage Budding Poets - from Beth Holland on Edutopia "… given our students' inclination to use technology, consider the potential if we leveraged that desire to help them […]

This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. Many of us using technology in the classroom find ourselves caught between two worlds: Apple and Google. Apple’s iPad is a fantastic tool in the classroom which provides students with various opportunities to consume, create, and communicate. Similar to a swiss-army knife, it is only limited […]

This post first appeared on Edudemic. I am a teacher, a developer, a parent, and a techie. I love technology in all its forms. Part of my role at my school is to ask, what is the benefit of technology in the classroom? The more I ask this question, the more I realize that it […]

This post first appeared on Edudemic. Social media pervades all aspects of modern society, particularly with the rapid influx of mobile devices. If used in meaningful and appropriate ways, it can transform a student's learning experience, improve communication with parents and community members, as well as support professional growth. However, teachers and administrators also confront […]

This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. Publishing student video that is created with iPads can be a challenging process, especially with younger students. Even schools that are Google Apps typically decide to turn off YouTube uploads to the student accounts. However, with the use of a handful of free applications, students can […]

Webinar Resources Chat Transcript April 29, 2014: What can we learn from games? Come explore the many ways that you can use game dynamics and gamification to increase learning and boost engagement in your STEM classroom. Discover how popular games such as Minecraft and SimCity provide playgrounds for creativity and robust opportunities for collaboration and critical […]

April 24, 2014 Whether you teach English, History, or Foreign Language, incorporating technology into your curriculum can help students to make deeper connections with content, engage with authentic materials, and create new learning artifacts. Come learn a few new tools, apps, and ideas to enhance your curriculum.Time: 5:00pm EST/ 2:00pm PSTSpeakers: Tom Daccord (@thomasdaccord), Beth Holland (@brholland), […]

April 15, 2014: As a school leader, how do you help to transform 1:1 classrooms from assembly lines within a factory model to creative agency classrooms, where students are empowered to create and explore? In this webinar, we dive into the essential topics of making the case for 1:1 instruction, envisioning and enacting 1:1 learning, […]

April 8, 2014: Google Apps, Chrome, and Drive - use one of these Google tools, or all of them, and endless possibilities open up for creation, communication, and collaboration. In just one hour, we'll give you a speed tour through "all things Google" to give you some ideas for how you can bring these tools […]

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