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Adding Private Mote Comments to the Comment Bank in Google Classroom 

Mote is a powerful Google Chrome Extension that allows audio recordings to be seamlessly included in a variety of Google environments including: the comments of Google Docs or Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Classroom.  In Google Classroom, Mote recordings can be a part of the instructions of an assignment, or they can be […]

Virtual Tours with Google for EDU 

As part of our EdTechTeacher Back to School webinar series, I recently led a “Virtual Tours with Google for EDU” session. You can check out the video archive of this 30-minute webinar here!

Teacher Appreciation Webinars 

Instead of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are making it a whole month with FREE EdTechTeacher webinars over the next few weeks.

Enhancing Curriculum through Google Earth 

Google Earth is a powerful, web-based tool that allows for students and teachers to explore the world, visualize data, develop critical thinking skills, and become creative communicators. Learn how to enhance the curriculum through Google Earth and other Google Geo resources.

Personalizing Learning with Branching Google Forms 

Personalized learning creates a variety of challenges for teachers. Understanding the tools that can support the creation of a personalized path for each student is a key part of making it work. The article focuses on an often overlooked feature in Google forms that can help teachers do just that.

Creating Draggable Stacks in Google Slides and Google Drawing 

Interactive digital activities in Google Slides or Google Drawings are quickly taking the place of paper and pencil activities. They are designed in such a way that students interact with text and images – moving (by dragging and dropping) objects to an appropriate location on a canvas to demonstrate understanding of concepts they’ve learned. As […]

Differentiation of Instruction with G Suite 

Moving from an analog environment to a digital one has never been more important or easier. It can be challenging to design learning experiences which allow students voice and choice while providing opportunities to support diverse learning styles. Digital differentiation using G-Suite allows information to be presented in multiple ways and encourages students to take […]

Chromebook Accessibility Features 

Accessibility features are an essential part of any operating system. They’re vital for people with disabilities, but most users can use them in some capacity. In this YouTube playlist, see what can be found in the operating system on your Chromebook.  These features can compliment and allow learning to occur across all domains. Watch these […]

4 Ways to Differentiate the Self Editing Process in Google Docs 

By Avra Robinson and Rosey McQuillan Differentiating instruction is giving students multiple options for taking in information, for making sense of ideas, and for expressing what they learn. In other words, a differentiated classroom provides different avenues for students to acquire content, process ideas, and demonstrate their understanding (Tomlinson, 2001). As educators, we are always […]

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Google Classroom is a workflow management system designed with the goal of saving teachers and students time by organizing assignments and class content in one easy-to-access online space.


As a fully integrated part of the G Suite for Education platform, Google Classroom works seamlessly with all of Google’s apps for education, allowing students and teachers to effectively and efficiently manage their digital workflow.

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