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with Mindy Ahrens, Billy Corcoran & Learning Experience Designers from Design39Campus

Design39 Campus Tour and Personalized Learning Experience

Located in beautiful Northern San Diego County, the physical layout of the newly constructed Design39Campus (D39C) provides an ideal environment for student-centered, flexible learning experiences. On a mission to “change the way we do schools,” this hidden gem of a public TK-8 campus uses a unique approach to personalized learning that is human-centered and empathy-fueled. Alongside opportunities to tour the campus and interact with the learning experience designers and design facilitators, those who attend will choose their own personalized pathway, choose to explore design thinking, personalized learning, maker education, and more. You’ll with tangible ideas for implementing design thinking, personalized learning, flexible groupings, makerspaces, and collaboration with technology. Space is limited, so we encourage you to book your seat early.

Please note: This pre-conference workshop if held off-site, not at the convention center. You are responsible for your own transportation.

with Shawn McCusker

Deep Dive into Project Based Learning

How can we foster a culture of creativity and curiosity in the classroom? What can students learn when provided an opportunity to explore and engage with the world around them? Maybe more importantly, how can we - as educators - share our learning with the broader community? During this workshop, teachers will assume the role of inquisitive student and engage in a unique Project-Based Learning experience. By the end of the day, participants will have asked Driving Questions, Engaged in Inquiry, and started to craft the designs for their own PBL experiences.

with Sabba Quidwai

Design Thinking and Maker Spaces

Maker Spaces encourage a hands on approach to learning by using technology and analog materials to create and solve problems. Since design thinking is integral to the maker spaces process, we will also explore how to incorporate a design thinking approach to makerspaces including 3D printing into the design and creation of a physical product. The Design Thinking process first identifies a problem and then proposes and tests solutions, all with the needs of the end user in mind. The culmination of every Design Thinking process is a tangible product. Whether the goal is to create new lessons, activities, curriculum, or projects, it can offer a powerful lens through which both teachers and students can design new products. In this workshop, participants will take on a design challenge, work through the five phases of the process, and come out with a tangible product: a lesson or activity that they can take back to their schools after the conference.

with Greg Kulowiec

Unleashing Creativity, AppSmashing & Publishing with iPad

Join us for this intensive hands-on workshop as we explore all things creativity and creation with iPads. From AppSmashing to create unique, multi-app content to creative approaches and outcomes of iPad integration, this workshop will explore the creative potential of the the device. Furthermore, workshop participants will explore and work through the numerous workflows to publish student work off of the iPad for a worldwide audience. Workshop participants will then create a multimedia archive of their experience by integrating advanced iPad creation and App-Smashing processes that include: audio creation & podcasting, multimedia eBooks, websites as well as advanced video production including collaboration, green screening, and screencasting.

with Tom Daccord

Advanced Creation in the Elementary iPad Classroom

Once elementary teachers and students become proficient with navigating iPads, a new world of creation opens up. In this workshop, we will address advanced creation and App Smashing, collaborative projects, and the creation of learning centers to empower students to work independently and in small groups. Whether you have 1 iPad, shared iPads, or a 1:1 classroom, this session will help you gain new skills and ideas to empower even the youngest students.

with Justin Reich

Launching Innovation in Schools

Technology can play a powerful role in expanding the possibilities of learning environments, but technology alone does not change schools. Leadership plays an essential role in ensuring that new technologies are paired with innovative and effective pedagogical practices. This workshop is for leaders of learning - principals, superintendents, IT directors, and academic leaders - to help develop a vision for how technology and pedagogy investments will improve student learning. We will outline key characteristics of successful technology leadership and discuss frameworks and models that help create and sustain a culture of innovation. In all, participants will leave the program with a greater comprehension of leadership around emerging technologies, a deeper understanding of effective technology integration, and an action plan for leading change in their school. Workshop participants can continue the learning with a free edX MOOC: Launching Innovation in Schools.

with Avra Robinson

Ready, Set, Certify! Google Certified Educator Level 1 Workshop

Join an exciting day of preparing for the Google Certified Educator Level 1 Exam! Over the course of this one-day workshop, you will learn how to master the Google “products” and “skills” specific to the Level 1 exam. Participants will also learn how to apply the Google “product” and “skills” to the Level 1 exam themes of: inspiring student creativity, increasing efficiency and communication, utilizing multimedia in interactive lessons, and promoting digital citizenship with students.

with Shaelynn Farnsworth

Student Creations with Google

GAFE (Google Apps for Education) offers unlimited possibilities to help students move from merely consumers of information to creators. Through apps in Google Drive, extensions for the Chrome Browser, and other cloud-based resources, participants will explore innovative ways to amplify student Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity! This hands-on learning opportunity will build off of Google’s popular suite of tools as participants create an artifact of learning utilizing Docs, Slides, Forms, Drawings, and YouTube Editor. Additionally, effective uses of Google Classroom and tips on how to share content effectively, collaborate on assignments, and facilitate conversation will be part of the workshop.

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