2018 brings our 16th Annual Teaching With Technology Summer Workshops, and this year we are announcing EdTechTeacher Summer Institutes! Join us for an exciting summer opportunity to explore a wide variety of educational topics! The EdTechTeacher Summer Institute offers over 25 workshops from which to choose – all of which will expand your knowledge and skills related to technology in teaching and learning.


Creative Uses of iPads in the Elementary Classroom

From recording reading fluency, to developing storytelling skills, to demonstrating problem solving, iPads can be used in a myriad of ways in the elementary classroom. This workshop will focus specifically on iPad innovation at the K-5 level.

Design Thinking & Maker Spaces

We will take a hands-on approach to understanding Design Thinking and how we can use its principles to create a learning environment that engages students, fosters curiosity, and encourages a collaborative approach to solving problems.

G Suite for Education in the Classroom

Whether utilizing G Suite for Education on a Chromebook or on a computer, participants will begin to gain an understanding of the core suite of programs and also ways to leverage other web applications and Google Chrome extensions to augment teaching and learning.

Personalized Learning

Explore research and learn specific steps that you can take to refine a vision for personalized learning and put it into practice across your school or district.

Creating Multimedia

Unlock the creative potential of the Chromebook and iPad move beyond using the device for word processing, productivity and organization. We will offer several workshops on building multimedia content using a Chromebook and iPad.

Project Based Learning

Learn the essential design elements of PBL, meaningful ways to integrate technology as an integral component in student engagement and motivation, and instructional strategies to support student learning.