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Summer workshops for teachers from coast to coast 2016 brings our 14th Annual Teaching With Technology Summer Workshops, and we have built an incredible program on a diverse set of topics. This year, we are returning to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco for a number of exciting NEW topics to compliment many of […]

Augmented Reality (AR) blurs the line between the physical and digital world. Using cues or triggers, apps and websites can “augment” the physical experience with digital content such as audio, video and simulations. There are many benefits to using AR in education such as giving students opportunities to interact with items in ways that spark […]

This blog was first posted on Jen Carey's blog. The last session that I’m attending is “Getting Meta: Augmented Media for Creativity & Critical Thinking” with Amy Burvell. You can explore the topic and join in the conversation by joining her G+ community. Her community includes the slides as well as a list of activities. Word Cloud […]

This blog was first posted on Jen's Blog. The next session I’m attending is given by alumna of my institution, Ransom Everglades School, Ana Albir. She is presenting on the iPad Application, Drawp (Free). Drawp for School is an app that has been in development for seven months and drawn out of the previous app, Drawp for Families ($4.99). Drawp Sharing Screen […]

This post first appeared on Jen's blog. The Keynote Speaker for Day 2 of the iPad Summit is Mimi Ito, Ph.D., a cultural anthropologist with the University of California at Irvine. Her focus is on the changing relationship of youth and new media. I have been following her work for some time, so it’s exciting to be […]

For my second live blog, I am blogging the master of the live blog, Jennifer Carey (@TeacherJenCarey) for her talk. A link to her materials can be found here.  Jen Carey is the the Director of Educational Technology at the Ransom Everglades School (a secular independent school) in Miami, Fl. You can learn about all the great things she does on […]

This post first appeared on Edudemic. As students begin producing a plethora of digital work – and connecting and sharing that work with the world – we need to take a step back and teach them to think a little more about typography and design. This was not important when I was in school because […]

This post first appeared on Edudemic. “Ms. Clark, I can’t believe it! Someone from Argentina and New Zealand just read my blog!”  This kind of wide-eyed excitement is why I have been blogging with my students for nearly 10 years.  With the infusion of technology in most classrooms, many teachers are finding blogs a great […]

This post first appeared on Edudemic. Last week on the Connected Student Series, I discussed the ‘why’ of digital portfolios. It is imperative that in 2014, students be able to curate, archive and expand on the work they are producing in class. As an added bonus, student digital portfolios help students authentically learn important digital citizenship […]

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