Edtech Strategies for Classroom Dialogue, Civil Discourse and Controversial Topics.

The ultimate goal of democracy is for people to resolve differences and make decisions peacefully. Teaching students to frame discussions in healthy ways has never been more important. This course helps you take on this challenge by looking at research-based strategies for classroom dialogues, discussions, and debates. Topics we explore: Is a debate—which asks students to confront classmates and change their beliefs in order to win—teaching the right civic skills and dispositions? Is there value inusing classroom dialogues that remove oppositional thinking? How do we learn to value our differences? As well as frameworks and tools for tackling challenging and controversial issues in ways that build relationships an creatte nuanced understanding.

June 15, 16 & 18
9:00-10:00 AM ET
8:00-9:00 AM CT
7:00 AM – 6:00 AM MT
6:00-7:00 AM PT
Intended for: Teachers, Instructional Coaches, 6-12