October 9, 2019

So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 21 – Erin Woo on Mindfulness

In the first episode for season 2 of the podcast, Greg was able to connect with Erin Woo of the Mindfulness Center at Brown University. Erin shares her experience and insight into mindfulness that starts at the beginning with a clear understanding on what it truly means to be mindful. From taking a breath to better connect with an experience, to truly unlocking creative thinking and innovation, being mindful is an increasingly common topic of discussion, and for good reason. In a world that is full of limitless distraction, being present in each moment seems more important than ever. As mindfulness in schools and promoting mindfulness in education is gaining traction, we thought it was important to connect with an expert in the field to better understand mindfulness and begin our journey towards being more present in every moment.