May 3, 2014

Weekly Resources – Games, Sims, & ETT Summit Posts to Kick Off May
Welcome to May! It’s the home stretch to summer, and we have some great resources for these final weeks of the school year.

Games are Good for you!

Minecraft, Hopscotch, and the Wolves of Isle Royale… Douglas Kiang, Maggie Keeler, and Kate Wilson gave us some great resources for thinking about What Games Teach Us About STEM & Learning.
To learn more, we have some great opportunities this summer in Cambridge, MA.

ETT Summit Posts

We have an incredible line up of speakers for our inaugural EdTechTeacher Summit in Chicago July 28-30. Given the tremendous topics, we’ve asked our speakers to submit blog posts about their topics.
For Students, the Importance of Doing Work That Matters
Keynote speaker, Will Richardson (@willrich45) writes about the significance of providing students with meaningful opportunities and authentic audience in this MindShift post. We can’t wait for his opening keynote!
The Google Glass Experiment
For the past month, Courtney Pepe (@iPadQueen2012) has been experimenting with Google Glass in her class. Not only will she be presenting all of her findings at the ETT Summit, but she will also be doing a sneak-peak webinar on May 15th.
5 Steps to Redefine Your Classroom
In July, at the ETT Summit, Jodie Deinhammer (@jdeinhammer) will be present Student Designed Curriculum and iTunes U – Global Classroom Connections and elaborate on her final point. To hear these amazing educators and more, come join us! Early Bird Registration is open through May 19th.

Resources for teaching Gaming, Coding, and STEM

Gaming Resources
Simulation Resources
Coding Resources