April 4, 2016

AppSmash These 2 Apps to Create Endless Multimedia Possibilities from Tom Daccord

This post originally appeared on eSchool News.

With just 2 apps students can create books that come to life

AppSmashing — the process of combining multiple apps to create new multimedia content — encourages more creative use of mobile devices and allows teachers to gain insights into student thinking and understanding. When students make their thinking visible through multimedia creation, they practice critical thinking and communication skills and demonstrate their understanding of curriculum content.

Evergreen Apps are non-subject specific apps that can be used in a wide range of classrooms across varied grade levels and disciplines. An Evergreen App enables communication and expression in multiple ways, such as through handwriting, typing, audio, video, and animation.  An effective Evergreen App is not only flexible, it’s also intuitive. It’s the type of app that students can use quickly and easily.

With two apps – Book Creator and Tellagami – the possibilities are limitless for student creation.

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