September 7, 2015

Back to School with Canva



A conversation with Lisa Johnson and Kate Wilson

Canva is both a web based tool and app that allows you to create graphics easily. It brings the power of image creation to students and educators within a simple interface. Join us as Kate Wilson talk with Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4u), a “canvaenglist” with many ways you can use Canva in the classroom.

Blog Posts and Examples about Canva

On the EdTechTeacher Blog:

Teaching Visual Literacy with the Canva Design School – from Beth Holland

Back in December, Amy Burvall (@AmyBurval) created the video below about Exploring Critical Thinking with Visual Literacies. She stressed the need for students to develop visual literacy in addition to text decoding and oral communication skills. As media continues to move towards more image-based …

4 Ways to Dive Deeper with Canva’s Public Profile – from Lisa Johnson

This guest post from Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4U) first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. By now, many of you may know about Canva – the wildly popular design tool. Canva has truly transformed itself to be a leader in image and graphic …

These Real-World Professional Development Setups Actually Work – from Lisa Johnson

This post first appeared on Edudemic. With “Back to School” signs cropping up all over stores, educators are certainly aware of the imminent countdown to the first day of school and the first few days of inservice. But why wait till August …

5 Digital Tools (& tips) to Help New School Leaders – Guest Post From Courtney Pepe

This guest post from Courtney Pepe (@iPadQueen2012) first appeared on Daily Genius. It is that time of year when aspiring school administrator candidates are polishing their resumes and getting job interviews to make the jump from teacher to administrator. Technology is always …

Four Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation – from Beth Holland & Sabba Quidwai

This post first appeared on EdTech Researcher. Never before has there been a time in education where students possessed a device so powerful that it allowed them to be graphic designers, movie makers, editors, directors, authors, developers, music makers and more. Yet …

From Lisa Johnson, TechChef4U:

CanvaEDU Lesson Plans

Check out Lisa’s Pinterest board of curated lesson ideas from Canva’s Design School.

Capturing Creativity with Canva

I have been a loyal canvagelist for some time now. Recently, I was approached to do a webinar on the topic. Many times I find that people just need to see how the tool is being used by students, in classrooms, and professionally before they feel comfortable enough to invest the time.



Canva Videos & Tutorials

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Canva has a wealth of tutorials, examples, and hands on virtual workshops to walk you through the features of this tool.