May 18, 2020

Best Mic Options For Teachers

An edtech gear post by Tom Driscoll

Teachers across the world are attending virtual meetings, hosting live classes and creating instructional videos.  When engaging in this new reality of teaching, you may have realized that your computer’s built-in microphone just isn’t cutting it.  I realized this a while back when creating my first “flipped videos” and have tested out countless mic options over the years.  Below are three great options for teachers looking to improve their sound quality, all without breaking the bank. Check them out and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

***Note: All of the following are USB microphones that can work with your computer.

Good: Samson Go Mic ($39.99 on Amazon)

This is the first mic that I bought to improve my audio quality, and it is a great option for the price.  The audio was clearly better than my built-in laptop mic (it was a Dell PC at the time) and I really liked how portable it was.  The mic folds up nicely and takes up little more space than a USB drive. 

Better: Samson Meteor Mic ($69.99 on Amazon)

What makes the Meteor Mic a step up from the Go Mic is that it can capture 360 degree audio. This is great if you are going to create a video with more than one person, or if you are trying to capture audio from your voice and computer speakers at the same time (although capturing system audio directly is a better option if possible).  Like the go mic, it is portable but a bit bigger to carry around.  It also has an option to attach it to a standard tripod, which is valuable in many situations.

Best:  Yeti Nano ($99.99 on Amazon)

This is the current mic that I use and it is all that I could ask for.  The sound quality is amazing and it is easy to set up and use on a daily basis. There are ways to attach it to tripods, shock mounts, and boom arms to enhance the audio quality further.  Although not as portable as the other two options, it does come with a case that makes it relatively easy to use your Yeti Nano on the go when needed.


Of course, there are many other options out there, but I have had personal teaching experience with these three and highly recommend them for educators looking to improve their audio quality.  Reach out with any questions on twitter and instagram @tomdriscollEDU or via email at