Book Creator update! Import your PDFs

By Dan Kemp from the Book Creator Team

A new update to this popular content creation tool just dropped – let’s bring your favorite PDFs to life.

We know from the popularity of websites such as Teachers Pay Teachers that worksheets and PDFs are still very popular. It makes sense – when used well they can help scaffold learning, practice skills and help with assessment.

But here’s a harsh reality – PDFs are not accessible, engaging or customizable. 

That’s why Book Creator has come up with a way to help teachers bring those PDFs to life and make them more engaging, more personalized and help save you time!

Learn more: How to import your PDF into Book Creator

Multimedia accessibility

If you’re familiar with Book Creator, you’ll know that it’s rich full of multimedia tools. Imagine taking your favorite worksheet and improving it with an audio or video clip of you explaining a concept. Or giving the option for students to annotate your worksheet in an environment where you can then give digital feedback on their performance, right on the page. 

This makes your PDFs far more accessible and gives you the ability to tailor the task for each student.

The possibilities for app smashing are endless. It’s time to dust off those PDF worksheets and get them working for you in Book Creator!

Learn more about this update on the Book Creator website

Bonus update: 

As part of this update we also released an often requested feature that allows you to crop your image right in Book Creator!

New to Book Creator? 

Book Creator is the simplest, most inclusive way to create content in the classroom. It’s incredibly popular with teachers and students alike, with over 2.5 million books made in schools each month in Book Creator, across the world.

Did you know that Book Creator is free for teachers? Create an account today and get started.

Dan Kemp has been the Marketing Director for Book Creator since 2013. He lives and works in Bristol, UK.

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