September 26, 2011

Building Capacity for 21st Century Learning in Schools
New Ideas Ahead - photo purchased from iStock PhotoThe technology on offer for teachers and learners today can be baffling. The question is: how can schools prepare their teachers so they can succeed in the 21st century? In this free webinar, co-hosted with ItsLearning, Tom and Justin explain how schools, colleges and universities can help their teachers develop the skills – and motivation – they need to use 21st century skills in and outside the classroom.
      • Date: 29 September 2011
      • Time: 3 PM CEST
      • Duration: 60 minutes
We are excited to be presenting with ItsLearning as we use their platform to deliver the online course content for our T21 program. For more information about T21 or our other free, live webinars, visit us at