May 20, 2019

Creating Draggable Stacks in Google Slides and Google Drawing

Interactive digital activities in Google Slides or Google Drawings are quickly taking the place of paper and pencil activities. They are designed in such a way that students interact with text and images – moving (by dragging and dropping) objects to an appropriate location on a canvas to demonstrate understanding of concepts they’ve learned.

As teachers design these activities, they often work to create a stack of moveable objects that can be accessed without the need to copy/paste or duplicate each time.  For some students, the multistep commands of copying and pasting can become barriers to success. They require two hands, keyboard shortcuts, and sometimes the capability of navigating away from one window or screen to select copy and then paste from the menu bar.

In Google Slides and Google Drawings, teachers can create a group of objects that students drag multiple times to a selected location on the canvas. This technique can be used for labeling, patterning, numbering, as well as many other activities.  For example, teachers could create a stack of coins in order for students to demonstrate their understanding of money concepts. The list of activities is seemingly endless.

In the video below we will explore how to create a draggable stack of objects in Google Slides – an action that can also be completed in Google Drawings.