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When students have the tools to help navigate their learning challenges, it makes for a happier, more equitable classroom. Book Creator’s combination of simplicity, inclusivity, and powerful creativity is why it is a top go-to tool.  

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Why is Book Creator Different? 

Book Creator has long been one of my favorite tools to share because it is easy to dive in and get started.    When teachers ask “Why Book Creator?” My response has always been, “because it is simple.” Students universally appreciate the simplicity of the interface, while at the same time enjoying the ability to create dynamic, high-quality products.

It would be a mistake however, to think that because the interface is simple the tool is basic. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Book Creator offers an ever-evolving selection of features to accommodate learners and help them create an environment in which they can learn best.  Here are just a few that you should try!

Book Creator is more than just a powerful tool. It is a welcoming environment where students can access knowledge and share their learning, regardless of the challenges they face.

Would you like to see these features in action?  I built this example book “Equitable Learning with Book Creator”  so you can see these tools in action. Take a look!  

  1. Multilingual Text to Speech: Book Creator’s text-to-speech feature is powerful. Its ability to translate hundreds of languages sets it apart from other tools. Students can quickly turn their thoughts into text and overcome language barriers. 
  1. Add Audio Transcripts: Book Creator allows students and teachers to embed audio. This powerful tool for differentiation serves the needs of students with language processing and visual challenges and allows for students with auditory processing difficulties to easily access a transcript. Once audio has been added, students can click on the inspector tool, then click ‘add transcript.’ When the transcript has been added, you’ll have the chance to edit it. 
Audio Transcripts in Book Creator allow more people to access the content effectively.
  1. Closed Captioning for Videos: Book Creator allows for the easy embedding of videos within books, which allows teachers to narrate text or personalize student instructions. For further support, you can add closed captions to videos with just a few clicks.  Once the video is added to your book, click on “Add Captions” and in seconds text for the video will appear.  The captions will overlay on the video when it is played.  
Adding captions to videos within Book Creator is an additional support that can help learners access content, but also teach students the value of using inclusive strategies.
  1. Alternate Text for Images:   When adding images to a book, students and teachers can add alternate text with a single click. Alternate text is compatible with screen readers and allows those with visual challenges to have a more powerful experience. Simply click on the inspector tool, then add your alternate text to the ‘Accessibility’ field.”
Alternate text in Book Creator ensures that those using screen readers to access the content have a full understanding of the material.
  1. The “Read to Me” feature:  The Read to Me feature lets you change the speed, language, and accent to customize the experience. It also allows you to highlight text to support language learners and developing readers. The “Read to Me” can also simplify navigation by autoplaying embedded media and auto-advancing pages.
The read to me feature can be adjusted to meet the needs of different learners and to be sure that their full interaction with the text is possible.
  1. The Book Creator Accessibility Hub  The Book Creator Accessibility Hub has links to all of their accessibility features. This makes it easy for you to learn more about what is possible as Book Creator continues to add features.

An Environment for Effective Learning

Book Creator is more than just a powerful tool. It is a welcoming environment where students can access knowledge and share their learning, regardless of the challenges they face. Book Creator makes it possible for students to access learning materials with equitable accommodations. It’s worth considering what the long-term social impact of having students build accessible materials might be. How might the growing availability of these resources can contribute to healthier schools and classrooms.

While some tools may come and go, Book Creator’s commitment to equity, by creating the simplest most inclusive tool possible is why they are widely used and relevant in 2023.  They have a formidable set of features that make Book Creator a welcoming environment for all learners.

How might these accessibility features create a more equitable learning environment in your school or classroom? 

Next Steps:

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