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February 5, 2014

iLab: AppSmashing with Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland- by Kate Wilson

Welcome to iLab

This is the first time EdTechTeacher has done an iLab during a conference. Though our conferences have a day of hands-on PreConference Workshops, the iLab gives conference participants a chance to play with the ideas they learned in previous talks. This AppSmashing iLab follows yesterday's sessions from Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland. The idea is that it is completely informal and people are encouraged to work and then just ask if they need help. The challenge is to take a concept and then make an AppSmash. DSC01960 Greg highlights the best apps to use in an AppSmash: ExplainEverything, Telegami, BookCreator, iMovie, and of course your Camera and Camera Roll. Basically the concept of AppSmashing is using several apps to create content, shoot it to the camera roll, and then put collected parts all together in an end destination app that can push it out to the world. Greg encourages participants to try and break your iPad by smashing as many apps as possible.

Let the Smashing Begin!

Chatterpix for making images talk.
One participant is using two iPads for an ultimate Smash!
Happy participants from Hawaii are AppSmashing away!
Using Paper 53 and Book Creator together.
Another Book Creator smash!
The great thing about iPads is how mobile they are and how the look of the classroom changes.
Telegami for creating avatars and video. 

Final Products

If you were in this session, tweet out your projects with #ettipad because the goal is to share your creativity with the world! If you have any questions about AppSmashing contact Greg (@gregkulowiec) and Beth (@brholland) on Twitter. Also if you enjoyed this Hands On Experience. Check out our Summer Workshops or the EdTechTeacher Learning Futures Summit in Chicago this summer.