Workshop Instructor: EdTechTeacher

November 1, 2021Waltham, Massachusetts • Bentley College

The EdTechTeacher Innovation Connection is a unique 1-day event designed to bring innovative educators together to learn, share, and connect. Held in the beautiful Bentley University conference center, the Innovation Connection features acclaimed edtech speakers and presenters, lively and interactive sessions, and plenty of opportunity to mingle with colleagues. Come for an invigorating day of ideas, inspiration and practical how-tos and return to your institution energized to further creative innovation.

Happening NowOnline

This EdTechTeacher self-paced summer professional development course is a six (6) module experience designed to guide educators through a process of reflecting on the previous school year & critically redesigning the experience for the coming year around five (5) specific domains.

Happening NowOnline

How might we increase engagement for our students by designing a hands-on coding experience with Micro:bit because we believe that the computational thinking process associated with coding & micro:bit holds immense potential for student creativity & engagement.

Starting January 2021Online

This course is designed to help educators create high quality instructional video to support students in an online or hybrid learning environment. Through a combination of research around instructional video and practical application of researched based ideas, course participants will develope an increased skill and capacity to create instructional video across multiple devices and platforms.