We hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday last week. In addition to iPad resources curated from the past two weeks, we have some news and announcements.

First, registration is now open for the 2013 EdTechTeacher iPad Summit USA in Atlanta, GA from April 10-12.

Next, we are thrilled to announce our 2013 Summer Teaching with Technology Workshop Series. For the first time, we are offering workshops in Chicago, Atlanta, and in Cambridge (near Boston).

Finally, EdTechTeacher’s Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland are in the process of updating the iPad As… page. Stay tuned for new suggestions, learning objectives, and video tutorials.

Weekly Resources

NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator

Free app from NASA lets users control a virtual lunar rover to explore the moon.

Tags: nasa simulator science app

Spongelab | Build-A-Body

Both an app as well as a web site, learn about various human biological systems with this drag & drop game.

Tags: biology science middle school high school project-based app

Technology with Intention | 5 best iPad apps to teach programming

Programming apps for the iPad. Alternatives to Scratch

Tags: programming scratch Daisythedinosaur program code coding

iPad Workflow Solutions for Educators | Jonathan Wylie

Clever iPad workflow solutions

Tags: workflow googledrive

Revisiting the One iPad Classroom: Resources | Jonathan Wylie

1 iPad classroom resources

Tags: 1ipad 1ipadclassroom oneipad

The Goodreader iPad Workflow Solution | Jonathan Wylie

Interesting iPad workflow solution using Goodreader and Gmail.

Tags: Workflow goodreader

iPads and Visually Impaired Students | Jonathan Wylie

Really clever way to mirror a teacher’s iPad to a student’s iPad in the classroom using join.me and Reflection.

Tags: reflection join.me mirror accessibility

vBookz PDF Voice Reader

This app reads PDF files aloud and includes an interactive cursor to help readers follow along. It is one of the only apps that converts any PDF to an OCR file to support learners.

Tags: pdf reader app ipad accessibility differentiation

10 best iPad art apps for painting and sketching | Creative Bloq

Painting apps for the iPad

Tags: art painting oil watercolor Artistic sketching

Sample Lessons – iPad in Education

4 Sample lessons using iPads.

Tags:  lesson projects

ISTE iPad in Education Webinar

ISTE’s iPad in Education Webinar resources

Tags:  ISTE isteipad iPadresources resources

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: Quick List Of iPad Resources For The Classroom…

iPad resources for the classroom.  This blog post links to pages with longer lists of iPad specific resources for classroom use.

Tags:  classroom resources

Best Universal Audio Book Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps AppList

Best audio book apps according to App Advice.

Tags: audio audiobooks books

Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand – Blog – The Single Most Important Factor for…

How to make an iPad program successful…Personal Ownership of the device

Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Favorite iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch Audio Editing A…

Wes Fryer’s list of best apps to record / edit audio

Tags: audio editing fryer

Fried Technology

Great blog with tips for implementing project based learning.

Tags: blog web2.0 PBL project-based project technology education

Ms. Orozco’s iPad Implementation

Great blog from middle school teacher, Ms. Orozco, from National Teacher’s Academy in Chicago.

Tags: ipad implementation blog

Ms. Orozco’s iPad Implementation: A Google Handout Generator: Doctopus

This may be the coolest Google trick to date! Doctopus runs a script in Google Drive to automate the creation of docs, hangouts, and more, plus creates a grading platform.

Tags: ipad google doctopus workflow

iDiary for Kids: journaling platform for writing & drawing

This is a great portfolio solution for elementary students.

Tags: journaling ipad portfolio elementary

Mobile Augmented Reality Advertising | blippar

Blippar – new augmented reality mobile app (iOS & Android)

Similar to Layer & Aurasma

Tags: augmented reality blippar.com Blippar Layer Aurasma

How to create a canvas on Edcanvas on Vimeo

Edcanvas video tutorial – a web based lesson curation platform that can display well on an iPad.

Joe Sabia: The technology of storytelling – YouTube

Storytelling not just with one app but w/ the WHOLE iPad.  This is an awesome idea for a classroom presentation.

Tags: storytelling iPadstorytelling TED Sabia JoeSabia

Appealing Apps for Educators: Workflow Apps to Manage Student Work – iPhone a…

Jenny Magiera outlines 5 workflow solutions for ipads.

iPads at Goudy – a place for teachers to share ideas about technology in education

Tags: Chicago CPS Magiera Showbie Dropbox GoogleDrive Drive


Ning about iPad use in a Chicago Public School

Tags: CPS Chicago ChicagoPublicSchools

Free Technology for Teachers: Create Your Own iPad Games on TinyTap

This free iPad app lets you create games based on pictures. This could be a great way for students to conduct reviews with each other.


Tags: ipad games education elementary

NTA – Tablet School News and Resources

Articles and resources about tablet integration from the National Teachers Alliance.

Tags: tablet school blog education

NTA iPad Team Information Page

This team of teachers from the National Teacher’s Academy did an excellent presentation at the EdTechTeacheriPad Summit. This site lists some of their favorite tools, apps, and sites.

Tags: ipad chicago elementary blog technology

*Magiera’s Mathematicians* 

Excellent class blog from Chicago teacher Jennie Magiera.

Tags: ipad math blog elementary

Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Weblog of Wesley Fryer
Blog from Dr. Wesley Fryer – “digital learning consultant, author, digital storyteller, educator and change agent.” Interesting suggestions for iPads and the arts.

Tags: blog education creativity

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