February 16, 2014

iPad Summit Re-Cap, danah boyd Webinar, Weekly Resources & More!

February has flown by for all of us at EdTechTeacher. On the 1st, the entire team migrated to San Diego for our inaugural West Coast event – iPad Summit San Diego. This past week, the team ran workshops from coast-to-coast, covering all four time zones and seven states and included the start of our first California T21 program.

In case you missed the announcement either at the iPad Summit, in our February Newsletter, or on Twitter, we are thrilled to announce The Learning Futures Summit at Chicago’s Navy Pier in July!

iPad Summit San Diego Re-Cap

While many thanks go out to Jennifer Carey (@TeacherJenCarey), Beth Holland (@brholland), and Kate Wilson (@KateWilson13) for LIVE blogging the event, we have also read some fabulous posts from our participants.

The Invisible iPad – My #ettipad Experience

“As long as our focus is on learning outcomes and the experience it brings, then the this just might be the best iPad experience yet.” writes Michael Cohen (@TheTechRabbi) He has several insightful posts on his blog, documenting his experience.

EdTechTeacher iPad Summit San Diego – My Reflective Post

Elementary educator, Karen Lirenman, offers a wonderful summary of her experience in San Diego.

Tech Summit Keynoters: Teachers No Longer Have a Choice

In this post on PLP Network, Jennifer Carey summarizes the key themes and keynotes from the iPad Summit.

“It’s Complicated” with danah boyd and Justin Reich

On February 25th, danah boyd will publish It’s Complicated, a landmark ten year study based on hundreds of interviews with teenagers about their lives – online and in the physical world. In this eye-opening book, youth culture and technology expert danah boyd uncovers some of the major myths regarding teens’ use of social media, providing important new insights for parents and educators looking to better understand how social media plays into young people’s lives and learning. On friday, February 14th, EdTechTeacher co-founder Justin Reich hosted a webinar with danah to discuss this important new book.

NEW Articles from the EdTechTeacher Team

Global Screencasting Project: Alphabet X Explain Everything

Greg Kulowiec launched a new type of project on his blog this week. He is asking educators from around the world to contribute to a global alphabet project using Explain Everything.

Ed-Tech Sentences: Students and Teachers as Subjects, Devices as Direct Objects

To kick off the iPad Summit, Justin Reich challenges us to think about what students and teachers can do with educational technology and not the other way around.

Teaching the Essential Skills of the Mobile Classroom

Rather than focusing on teaching devices, Beth Holland challenges us to look at teaching a set of core skills – communication, collaboration, connection, and creation – when working with mobile devices.

Elements4D – Exploring Chemistry with Augmented Reality

What if you could play with Plutonium? In this post, Samantha Morra shows us that you can – if you use augmented reality.