November 15, 2013

Kathy Schrock, All You Need to Know About iPads in the Classroom – From Jen Carey

You can also read this post on Jen’s blog.

The next session I am attaching is Kathy Schrock’s “All You Need to Know About iPads in the Classroom.” I’ve been following Kathy for a while so I’m excited to hear what she has been thinking and developing. Kathy begins her discussion by talking about Bloom’s Taxonomy and its modern revision. I especially liked that she connected it back to the SAMR model.

Looking at apps in the Taxonomy of Bloom’s, it’s important to ask pertinent questions about an apps meaning and value. She highlights one of my favorite 1453851_origtools,Evernote as well as apps like Pocket that are great for remembering. Other tools, likePearltrees, incorporate a social component. Mapping tools like Inspirationand Idea Sketch allow students to map out ideas. Labeling diagrams can be done with tools like SkitchNotability, or iAnnotate. A great descriptive tool that students can use is ShowMe. For Classifying activities tools like Educreations allows you to create and revise your explanatory tools. In order to Summarize, tools like ScratchWork allows student to graph and explain side by side. For application, students can use tools to execute or implement their learning. They can demonstrate methods, carry out procedures, etc. At the applying level, you can share using tools like Audioboo or ScreenChomp students can demonstrate mastery in various media. You can see many examples of applications that align well with Bloom’s and can be used meaningfully in the classroom on Kathy’s website here. Creativity and thoughtfulness are key to incorporating apps in the classroom. You cannot just add technology and stir…

There are thousands of applications that you can use. Kathy has developed two evaluation forms for selecting apps that you can find on her website.