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September 24, 2015

Help Students Get Organized with My Study Life – From Jennifer Carey
This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers.
Students and teachers often operate on fast-moving, jam-packed schedules with lengthy to-do lists. Check out My Study Life, a free tool for students that allows them to incorporate complicated schedules (like that new rotating block schedule your school implemented last year), to-do lists, homework reminders, and more. My Study life works on Chrome, Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS; even better, it will sync across all of those platforms. My Study LifeOne of my favorite features of My Study Life is that, unlike traditional planners, it allows students to set up their schedule based on things like terms, class periods, and even incorporates changing schedules like rotating or block schedules that are becoming more popular. They can also incorporate holidays into their schedule so that they don’t show up on a Teacher Work Day or wake up early on the first day of vacation! Tasks are not a simple “to-do” list, rather they are larger elements that students must tackle every day to meet an end goal. Students can also attach a task to an exam, so that they can focus a little on it every day leading up to the final assessment. By incorporating reminder tools, My Study Life keeps you on task every day! With so many options available to students, My Study life stands out from the crowd. Try it as a student or even test out the beta teacher version!
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