June 20, 2012

Networks Titles for US History, World History, and Civics Win Awards
McGraw-Hill NetworksFor almost a year, EdTechTeacher collaborated with McGraw Hill on the development of their new social studies textbooks. Led by Justin Reich and Tom Daccord, the team wrote Tech Extensions for the end of each chapter. These activities engaged students in project based learning while leveraging web tools, multimedia, and other technologies to create alternative assessments. EdTechTeacher also created The Center for Teaching History with Technology web site to support these efforts. Earlier this week, McGraw Hill announced that the Networks Titles for US History, World History, and Civics had earned several awards. All of us at EdTechTeacher would like to extend congratulations to McGraw Hill. We are extremely proud to have been part of the process and look forward to future collaboration. In addition to collaborating on the texts, Tom and Justin also supported the production of these videos about integrating technology into the social studies curriculum.