November 29, 2021

NEW Line Tool and Color Picker Features in Canva

At the end of November 2021, Canva announced some additional opportunities for design tools in their web application.  Both a line creation tool and color picker were unveiled.  

By simply selecting the letter L key on your keyboard, you can now create a line in Canva, and the fun doesn’t stop there.  They’ve also included options for customization.  Users can change the width or thickness of lines as well as customize their color.  There are also style options to make the line dotted, dashed – or even to create an arrow!  To learn more, check out this short video

The color picker is another design tool that has been added to the Canva interface.  Previously, I used a Google Chrome extension to pull a color from a specific area of an image to coordinate text or other design elements.  But now, a color picker in the form of an eyedropper tool exists right within Canva.  To utilize this tool, users should select the element of which they want to customize the color and then select the color button.  Within the color environment, there is a multicolored box with a plus sign in it.  By selecting this button, users can customize the color of their element using a hex code or the new color picker tool.  Check out this short video to see a demonstration and learn how to use this awesome tool to coordinate your designs.