July 7, 2014

Reading in Summer Gives You Somewhere to Go – from Lisa Dabbs

This post from Lisa Dabbs (@teachingwithsoul) – our Director of Business Development for the West Coast – first appeared on Edutopia.

I grew up loving to read and waited excitedly every month for the children’s literary book club order that my Dad made sure I received. As I reflect on this, I consider myself to have been fortunate that my parents knew about the power of reading and made a point to support it in my life….

… Now, all grown up, I still find the greatest comfort from reading books in all genres (often when I’m dealing with a challenging personal issue). I enjoy the feeling of being transported to places I may never actually have the opportunity to visit, except in my dreams. I especially love the social media options for sharing the book I’m reading with friends around the world.

Today I have some ideas for sharing your summer book reads with friends and family, ideas that might help you to get out there and grow your own interests even farther. Here are three suggestions to get you started on your summer reading travels, even if you’re on a “staycation.”

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