December 29, 2013

Reading Round-up for Week 1 of Winter Vacation
We hope that all of you are enjoying a break from school! This week, we dug into the archives and tweeted out a few of our favorite 2013 articles each day. If you missed our @EdTechTeacher21 tweets, here's the list!
  1. 6 Ways Students Can Collaborate With iPads from Greg Kulowiec
  2. iPad or Chromebook? 4 Questions to Ask from Beth Holland
  3. All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen
  4. iPad Collaboration Part 2 from Greg Kulowiec
  5. Failure Is Mandatory: Creating A Culture Of Innovation from Tom Daccord & Justin Reich
  6. The Textbook is Dead, Long Live the Textbook! from Shawn McCusker
  7. 5 Myths about Writing with Mobile Devices from Beth Holland
  8. Blow the Top Off Your Rubric from Shawn McCusker
  9. Is iPad a Solution or a Problem for Schools?  from Patrick Larkin
  10. Why (Not How) We Should Use iPads In Education from Greg Kulowiec
Look for more links this next week!