From Smoke Signals to Tweets – from Beth & Shawn McCusker on Edudemic

EdTechTeacher’s Beth Holland collaborated with Chicago educator, Shawn McCusker (@ShawnMcCusker) on this post for Edudemic. From Smoke Signals to Tweets: How The Evolution Of Communication Is Changing Your Classroom From quill and ink, to slate and chalk, to pencil and paper, to typewriter, to computer, to iPad…. each evolution of technology has allowed students to […]

Teaching Teachers to Tweet – from Justin


In our summer workshops, when we mention Twitter, we typically get one of two reactions: I have no idea how to Tweet! Twitter is the best thing ever! While there is occasionally some trepidation about jumping into social media, a wealth of resources exists in the “Twitterverse.” In his latest posts on EdTechResearcher, EdTechTeacher Founder, […]