3 Digital Reading Challenges for Summer – from Beth Holland


This post first appeared on Edutopia. This summer, more than ever, how we read may be just as important aswhat we read. In April, researchers at West Chester University published a report arguing that eReaders could lead to decreased comprehension and fluency. In this New York Times article, the professors suggest that the interactivity, easy access to a dictionary, and constant use […]

Weekly Resources to Wrap Up June

EdTechTeacher News It was our biggest week of the Summer Workshop Series yet! We had four workshops in Chicago with Beth Holland, Shawn McCusker and Holly Clark as well as four in Cambridge with Samantha Morra, Douglas Kiang, Suzy Brooks, and Brenda Doucette. Check out all the Summer Agendas below. Greg Kulowiec lead a 4 day workshop on the Google […]

Weekly Resources for Summer Learning

EdTechTeacher News What do Texas, California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa, and Ontario have in common? We had workshops or presentations in all of them this week!  Shawn McCusker and Greg Kulowiec continued our Summer Workshop Series in Chicago with The iPad Classroom. Then Tom Daccord led Teaching History with Technology at the end of the week, and Samantha Morra led The Flipped Classroom & Innovative Instruction. Next week we have 4 workshops […]

Weekly Resources for the Beginning of Summer

What a week! Our team traveled from Atlanta to Toronto and led 16 different workshops! Shawn McCusker and Beth Holland kicked off our Summer Workshop Series in Atlanta with The iPad Classroom, The Advanced iPad Classroom, and Teaching Technology in the Elementary Classroom.  We still have space in a number of our other workshops, so check out the Course Catalog and […]

Subtext & Tellagami – Two Apps to Attack Reading Comprehension – from Holly Clark on Free Technology for Teachers

This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. Subtext and Tellagami are two amazing free apps that can expand the way you discover information about each student’s reading comprehension. By using their combined power, students can produce and publish valuable information about their reading comprehension to help their teachers better understand them as learners. […]