4 Hidden Features of Google Classroom


Over the past two years, Google Classroom has become a popular learning platform for many teachers using G Suite for Education.  With its ability to seamlessly integrate G Suite tools such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Gmail, and Google Calendar, Google Classroom creates an efficient workflow for teachers and students by organizing assignments […]

Hacking G Suite – 4 Creative uses of Google Sheets in the Classroom

Google Sheets in the classroom Featured

Google’s G Suite is a proven platform that allows schools, teachers and students to maximize the potential of a 1:1 classroom environment.  Sheets, one of the tools on the G Suite platform, is traditionally viewed as a data collection and organization tool.  From teacher-created gradebooks, to data collection in a science classroom, to resource management […]

WriteWell for Google Docs: Google Add-Ons and Chrome Extensions for Research, Writing, and Feedback (Part 1)

WriteWell for Google Docs

Google Add-Ons and Extensions provide an excellent array of research, writing and feedback tools perfect for laptop, desktop, and Chromebook users. In this multi-part series, you’ll learn some of the best Google Drive Add-Ons and Chrome Extensions for use in middle school and high school English & Language Arts, History & Social Studies, World Languages, […]