The iPad as a Leadership Tool – From Jen Carey

Jen Carey is LIVE blogging for us from the EdTechTeacher iPad Summit USA. You can also find these posts on her site – Concurrent Session #3: The iPad as a Leadership Tool with Patrick Larkin I saw Patrick Larkin first speak at the iPad Summit last Fall. If you would like to read about that, see […]

Weekly Resources and Suggestions

At EdTechTeacher, with regard to iPads, we started last spring with Why? – as in Why iPad? and Why Mobile Device? We looked at the pathway from Consumption to Creation to Curation and, more recently, to Connection. All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen Last week, Co-Founder Justin Reich wrote, all the good apps fit on one screen. […]

Weekly Resources & Suggestions

We had a busy week. First, Director Tom Daccord presented Leadership & School Cultures that Effectively Support 21st Century Learning with Patrick Larkin at EduCon 2.5. During this session, they discussed how effective leaders nurture school cultures that promote and exercise a vision for conscientious innovation with new learning technologies. The conversation addressed how to […]