Project Runway: Innovative Learning Designs – Guest Post from ETT Summit Presenter Sabba Quidwai


Special thanks to ETT Summit Presenter, Sabba Quidwai (@askmsq). She will be presenting Cast a Spell to Flip Your Class with TouchCast. In the Passenger Seat Placing students in the driver’s seat, guiding their own learning as the educator facilitates from the sidelines is sometimes uncomfortable. If you have taught anyone how to drive, you know […]

Ten Reasons to Attend an EdTechTeacher iPad Workshop

We have iPad Classroom and Advanced iPad workshops in Atlanta, Austin, Berkeley, Cambridge, Chicago, & Los Angeles! NEW iPad Workshops for 2014 Lights, Camera, Action! Moviemaking with iPads – Cambridge Unleashing Student Creativity with iPads – Chicago Reading, Writing, & Research with iPads & Mobile Devices – Cambridge The Curated Classroom: Digital Publishing with iBooks […]

The Role of the Real World in a Digital Classroom – from Beth Holland & Greg Kulowiec on Edudemic

This post, co-authored by Greg Kulowiec & Beth Holland, first appeared on Edudemic. Lately, when talking with teachers about bringing mobile devices into their classrooms, a common concern has surfaced – that connections to the physical world are being sacrificed by over-emphasizing the digital. These thoughtful educators have raised excellent questions about screen time, losing […]

Weekly Resources to kick off 2014!

We’re back! Happy New Year! We have lots of new articles, webinars, and resources this week. Enjoy! FREE, LIVE Winter Webinar Series January 15th/16th: Creativity & Learning with iPads with guests Richard Wells from Auckland, New Zealand and Paul Hamilton from Sunshine Coast, Australia Too often, iPads are viewed solely as consumption devices – good for little more than […]