3 App Smash Video Projects to Challenge Your Students – from Greg Kulowiec

Video App-Smash

This post first appeared on Edudemic. When app-smashing on iPad, students and teachers use multiple apps to create individual pieces of content that are then merged or smashed together into one culminating product. Applying this concept dramatically increases creative potential, and the rate at which apps are developing allows for new, unique, and dynamic creations […]

All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen – From Justin on EdTechResearcher

EdTechTeacher Co-Founder, Justin Reich, issued a challenge on his EdTechResearcher blog last week – to share your iPad home screen with the hashtag #onescreen. One of the core principles of good iPad usage that my EdTechTeacher colleagues have developed is the idea that educators should focus on creation apps rather than content apps. Most apps that are designed to teach […]

Weekly Resources & Suggestions

Happy New Year! With the holidays as well as our first workshop of 2013 at Heathwood Hall School in Columbia, South Carolina, we only have a few items to share this week. Is The iPad King? It Is For Us And That’s All That Matters (For Now) Patrick Larkin, Assistant Superintendent for Learning for Burlington Public […]

Weekly Resources & Suggestions


Happy Holidays! We hope that all of you have enjoyed the winter break from school. Here are a few posts and ideas to wrap up 2012. The Answer Pad This free version combines electronic and paper assessment for quick grading. Teachers can access pre-loaded Common Core standards and create unlimited answer sheets. Tags: ipad, assessment […]

Weekly iPad Resources & Suggestions

In addition to this week’s list of resources, make sure to visit our iPad As… page. Objectives 1-5 have been updated, and more changes are slated to come next week. Examples of Practice: Using iPads to Document Student Work | Reading By Example Using iPads as an administrator to document and promote student work. Tags: administrator ipad documentation administration examples Examples of […]