So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 19 – Andrew Miller – Making PBL Work


Shawn Talks with Project Based Learning (PBL) Expert Andrew Miller. Some changes take more than just making a new lesson or building a new unit.

These changes can require a whole new mindset or in some cases building a new classroom culture.

Project based Learning is one of these changes. Andrew Miller has been sharing his PBL expertise around the world and stops by today to discuss “Making PBL Work”

PBL and Politics – Join #MyParty16

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Many thanks to Mike Kaechele, National Faculty member at the Buck Institute and teacher at Kent Innovation High, as well as Sarah Field, Curriculum and Program Manager at the Buck Institute, for sharing the details of this project. In the fall of 2008, I asked my 7th and 8th grade students a single driving question: […]

Design Thinking & Project Based Learning to Scaffold Innovation – from Beth Holland


This post first appeared on Edutopia. Lately, I have heard teachers and school leaders express a common frustration: “We are _______ years into a _______ initiative, and nothing seems to have changed.” Despite redesigning learning spaces, adding technology, or even flipping instruction, they still struggle to innovate or positively change the classroom experience. Imagine innovation […]

Minecraft 101: The Underwater Dome Project – from Douglas Kiang


This post first appeared on ISTE Connects. … I gave my students an assignment to play Minecraft together, hoping it would build community and encourage teamwork in our face-to-face classroom… and asked students to work together in our shared world to build me an office completely underwater … Most of my students could recall group projects or PowerPoint presentations that were […]