May 8, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Attend an EdTechTeacher Workshop in Texas!

This year marks our inaugural Summer Workshop Series in Austin, Texas. August 4-8, come join Carl Hooker  (@mrhooker) and Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4U) for The iPad Classroom and The Advanced iPad Classroom.

Top ten reasons to attend an iPad workshop in Texas

10. Learn from educators that have been in 1:1 iPad classrooms for several years.
9. See the geek chic jewelry that @techchef4u wears.
8. Discover new apps and how to integrate them into your classroom.
7. Listen to @mrhooker and his mad DJ skillz.
6. Enjoy the cool August temps in Austin. The room will be air conditioned!
5. Create a Thinglink about the best food trucks in town.
4. Experience real world examples of iPads in the k-12 environment.
3. Enjoy tunes from the live music Capitol of the world!
2. Laugh and learn from two experienced Apple Distinguished Educators.
1. Eat the best BBQ in the world while learning how to integrate iPads!