May 6, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to Attend a Leadership in 1:1 Schools Workshop
Once again, EdTechTeacher co-founders - Tom Daccord and Justin Reich - will be running a seminar for school leaders. This year, the focus is on Leading, Implementing, & Evaluating 1:1 Classroom Learning. Here are 10 reasons why you should come join them July 10-11 in Cambridge.

Top Ten Reasons to Attend a Leadership in 1-1 Schools Workshop

10. Meet colleagues from around the country facing the same challenges.
9. Learn with renowned experts who have seen 1:1 programs around the world.
8. Enjoy spending two days learning in buildings within Harvard Yard.
7. Explore using social media to role-model lifelong learning with technology.
6. Examine what the most successful 1:1 school leaders do.
5. Hear from guest presenters who are leaders in nationally recognized 1:1 programs.
4. See how your students can be one of the most important resources in building a successful 1:1 program.
3. Earn continuing education or graduate credits for your studies.
2. Spend your evenings in Boston - the Hub of the Universe.
1. Leave with a plan to make next year better than ever!