August 23, 2019

Using Book Creator for Differentiated Learning

As educators, we understand that our students bring different learner profiles, strengths, challenges, and interests to learning. Meeting student variability and planning differing approaches can be a challenge. Differentiated instruction gives students multiple options for taking in information, making sense of their ideas and then expressing what they know (Tomlinson, 2001). We need to plan alternative approaches to what students need to learn, how they will learn it, and how they will show what they have learned. 

Book Creator’s multimodal tools and supports can be used for both teachers and students to create content, demonstrate understanding while building in student voice and choice.

In this book, you will find examples and practical tips on how Book Creator can be used to differentiate lessons for students in your classroom. You will find a variety of options to customize the user experience, which enables students to document their learning while keeping the focus on demonstrating understanding and curriculum access. 

“Using Book Creator for Differentiated Learning.” Apple Books.  Download link: 

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