May 31, 2012

Weekly iPad Resources and Suggestions from EdTechTeacher (5/21)
We've had a big week at EdTechTeacher. iPad and web tools workshops in Florida, presentation at NYSCATE, and a big announcement coming next week. This set of resources is being posted via iPhone through the WordPress app. Enjoy!

Rover - The FREE education browser for your iPad!

Rover, powered by iSwifter, is a new iPad browser that plays Flash Content. This makes great education sites such as ABCya a possibility on the iPad.

Tags: iPad, apps, flash, browser, Rover, technology, elementary


This app lets you create sound boards on your iPad or iOS device. You can use both their symbols or your own pictures.

Tags: mobilelearning, iPad, apps, differentiation, education, elementary

iPads in High School |

Scoopit Page with tons of great links for using iPads in High Schools

Tags: Scoopit, High School

Ruckus Reader

This is an interesting take on eBooks for pre-school children. Though not free, the app includes audio books, games, and the ability to send a custom report on the students' progress.

Tags: iPad, education, elementary, reading, ebooks

Montessori Letter Sounds HD for iPad

This is a good app for early readers and includes a phonetic alphabet.

Tags: mobilelearning, iPad, education, elementary, reading, montessori, app

Helping Students Make Better Movies on iPad (or any device) «

Tips for making movies on an iPad

Tags: Movies, iMovie

Tools 4 Students

This could be the best $.99 spent on an app. Tools 4 Students includes 25 graphic organizers that can be annotated in the app and then shared via email. 

Tags: graphic organizer, concept map, iPad, apps, education, technology, elementary, english

Audiobooks:children's favorite fairy tales 2

This free app provides 15 illustrated fairytales for younger children that includes audio.

Tags: iPad, education, elementary, reading, app, ebooks

How to Grade on an iPad | Snapguide

This is not only a great post, but also a good use of Snapguide.

Tags: grade, ipad, apps, education, technology, english

App Making for beginners

For a limited time, this app is free. Basically, it's an app for making apps.

Tags: iPad, apps, technology