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August 26, 2012

Weekly iPad Resources and Suggestions from EdTechTeacher (8/20-8/26)
It's been a busy few weeks at EdTechTeacher, so we have tons to pack in to this week's iPad Resources and Suggestions blog post.

Fall Webinar Series

Greg and Beth kicked off the 2012 Fall Webinar Series with The Flipped iPad Classroom as part of Connected Educator's Month. The presentation slides and webinar recording link are available on the EdTechTeacher web site. Come join us on September 6th for The App Backpack - Back to School with iPads. Greg and Beth will elaborate on the App Backpack post from a few weeks ago, and discuss techniques for integrating and leveraging iPads during the first few days, weeks, and months of the school year. Please register for this FREE, LIVE event.

iPad Summit Blog Contest Entries

Last week, we announced our iPad Summit contests. We have two competitions running until October 1st for participants to win a 30% Off Coupon for the iPad Summit. Already, posts are coming in tagged with #ettipad! As promised, the submissions for this week are posted below in chronological order as they were submitted.

Content Management Systems from Keith Rispin

"...In the past 3 weeks 80% of all all keyword searches that point to my blog are asking this single question. What this suggests to me is that there are a large number of teachers looking for a Content Management System or CMS for their classroom this coming year. So a new blog post was born…." >>> Read the full article on Keith's Blog

iPads Abroad… From Derrick Willard on Tearing Down the Walls

"This year I have become fascinated with the idea of iPads as devices that host digital texts, and more recently I have started to see their possibility as “digital backpacks” full of school tools. Currently, I have undertaken a 1:1 iPad pilot while on a trip with students to Costa Rica to study the tropical rainforests here. So, I have a whole series of posts about the planning and realities of trying to make this experiment work. So, how are we using the technology?…" >>> Read the full article on Derrick's blog

How I’m Using my iPad as a Teaching Tool from Indiana Jen

From outside of the classroom - Invisible Use - to inside, Jen discusses the multitude of ways that she integrates her iPad into her teaching. "Last year my school, Trinity Valley, supported my grant request in purchasing an iPad for me to use as a teaching tool. This past summer, they have also rolled out an initiative for the faculty – providing a small number of iPads for the faculty and staff to ‘play with’ and use how they see fit. I have now had my iPad for about a year and I am regularly asked by inquisitive colleagues, students, and administrators – just how am I using my iPad as a teaching tool?…." >>> Read the full article on Jen's blog

iPad Summit from Indiana Jen

"...I have posted before that my school (Trinity Valley) has recently rolled out a Faculty 1:1 iPad program (with iPad 3′s). The goal of the first year is to get faculty and staff comfortable with the platform and to begin exploring new ways that they can use it for their own professional development as well as in the classroom. It is the first step of what will likely become a 1:1 program for students (although how that will happen or what it will look like are still in the ‘early development’ stages)….." >>> Read the full article on Jen's blog

Weekly Resources & Suggestions

Tiki-Toki Tiki-Toki creates web based timelines. Because it his HTML 5, it works on an iPad in Safari. Lots of great potential here. Tags: timeline, web2.0, tools, history The 50 Best Smartphone Apps for Back to School: The Student Edition - Online Colleges This is an interesting list from Online Colleges of the "Top 50 Smart Phone Apps." Tags: ipad, iphone, byod, technology, apps, school, student

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