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August 17, 2012

Weekly iPad Resources and Suggestions from EdTechTeacher (8/7-8/13)
In the past two weeks, EdTechTeacher's Tom Daccord, Greg Kulowiec, and Beth Holland have traveled to schools and districts in Medfield, MA, Chicago, IL, Toledo, OH, Lafayette, LA, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL for iPad workshops at every grade level from K-12. As a result, a few new concepts and activities have come to the surface.
  1. Think of the Camera Roll as the central data source for all iPad apps - Create custom images using a drawing program such as Skitch, save to Camera Roll, and then bring them into iMovie, Animoto, ExplainEverything, EduCreations, BookCreator, ScribblePress, etc… Similarly, save video from iMovie, ExplainEverything, or DoodleCast to Camera Roll and then integrate with video and eBook projects.
  2. The First Five - as teachers begin to launch new iPad programs, it can seem daunting at first. A lot of our participants have asked us, where do I even begin? With this activity, ask: what can you do in the first 5 minutes of school? the first 5 days? the first 5 weeks? This helps to break the process into manageable, achievable activities.
  3. Keep it Simple! - thinking through workflow, file dissemination, collecting projects, etc., can make the idea of using iPads seem overwhelming. Begin the year by having students create, but consider either projecting the iPad with the project or assessing in person while conferencing with the student. Early projects could be as simple as having students use the video camera to record saying hello and telling the class a bit out themselves.

Weekly iPad Resources & Suggestions

DiffusionOfInnovation.png (541×334) Innovation Adoption Cycle...does this apply to iPads??? DisplayNote | Present. Share. Collaborate. This is a potential alternative to Reflection, and it is subnet independent. Tags: ipad, presentation, technology pastelink.me | the easiest way to share files online This is a great tool for sharing files. Drag the file into the browser and Pastelink creates a URL to share. This works for files up to 250 MB and does not require a login or email address. Tags: ipad, app, Filesharing, pastelink, technology, workflow Doceri 2.0 This version seems to include screen casting, desktop control, and the features of a document camera all in a free app. Tags: ipad, itunes, app, screencast, desktop control