September 14, 2013

Weekly Resources, Articles, and Updates

Wow! The Call for Proposals for the iPad Summit Boston closed at midnight last night. We received over 150 submissions from around the world. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas! Remember that there is less than a month left for Early Bird Registration, and we expect that this will be another SOLD OUT event.

October Connected Educator Month Webinars

To coincide with the events of Connected Educator  Month, we will host a FREE weekly webinar series featuring members of the EdTechTeacher team.

  • October 1st, 7:00pm EST: Connecting & Collaborating in Elementary Classrooms hosted by Samantha Morra
  • October 8th, 7:00pm EST: Creating a Connected Classroom hosted by Greg Kulowiec
  • October 15th, 7:00pm EST: Digital Citizenship in the Connected Classroomhosted by Holly Clark
  • October 22nd, 7:00pm EST: The 1:1 Connected Classroom hosted by Carl Hooker
  • October 29th, 7:00pm EST: Connected Administrators hosted by Tom Daccord

 Registration is open!

From the ETT Team

4 Ways to Ensure that Creation is Learning

Shawn McCusker offers up four strategies for ensuring that student projects are true expressions of learning.

Leap Motion: My Non-Minority Report

Carl Hooker offers a detailed review of Leap Motion as well as some thoughts on application in the classroom.

NEW EduSlams

This week, Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith posted two new EduSlams: Collaborative Writing in 3rd Grade with Carolyn Skibba and Using Twitter Archive Feature with Jay Atwood.

Resources from the Web – BYOD

This week, Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland were researching tools, strategies, and resources for BYOD classrooms. Enjoy!

Evernote Web Clipper Extension Updated
Good description of Evernote web clipper updates.

How to Embed an Editable Google Document into Your Course in Moodle : Tech Documentation
Great tip for embedding an editable Google Doc.

iPaddling Home: Reflecting on the Journey » Third Graders, Dreaming Big
Suzy Brooks’ reflections from her first year in BYOD w/ 3rd graders.

Finding Ways for All Kids to Flourish: 5 Things I Love about Kaizena
Kaizena has replaced Voice Comments and added so much more to the process of giving feedback.

Cybraryman Internet Catalogue – BYOD
Jerry’s extensive list of BYOD resources.

Should Schools Embrace “Bring Your Own Device”? | NEA Today
NEA Today Article about BYOD in schools.

20 BYOD Resources For The 21st Century Schools
List of 20 resources from TeachThought for BYOD classrooms.

How To Get Started With A BYOD Classroom
Edudemic article for getting started in a BYOD classroom.

A Difference: How would I prepare to teach a BYOD class?
Darren Kuropatwa talks about preparing to teach in a BYOD classroom.

Creating Device Neutral Assignments for BYOD Classes — THE Journal
Device agnostic setup in BYOD

To See Increases in Student Achievement in 1:1/BYOD Classrooms
Classroom Achievement in BYOD classrooms.

BYOD Teachers Talk Classroom Use — THE Journal
Classroom teachers talk about BYOD in this article from THE Journal.…ntro-to-the-first-week-of-byot
Inspired from Alan Novembers concept of the first five days of school. This blog series outlines the first five days in a BYOD / BYOT classroom

BYOT Network
Network of educators sharing about BYOD / BYOT

Technology & Information Services / BYOT Resources
Tons of BYOD / BYOT articles on this page.

Schools Share Essential Tips and Tools for Collaborating in the BYOD Classroom
THE Journal Classroom Management tips in a BYOD environment.

Using Evernote in Your Classroom – The Organized Classroom Blog
Good list of uses of Evernote in the classroom – particularly for elementary teachers.