March 22, 2014

Weekly Resources for the Start of Spring

Welcome to the official start of spring! We had another busy week with workshops and presentations in multiple states as well as the continuation of our Spring Webinar Series. Proposals have started flooding in for the EdTechTeacher Summit in July. The deadline is March 31st, so submit your ideas soon!

From Spring to Summer!

Our Spring Webinar Series is a great way to get to know many of the instructors for our Summer Workshops. This week, we had two great events that coincide with some of our NEW sessions for 2014

Google is the new resume.

On Tuesday, Greg Kulowiec, Holly Clark, Samantha Morra, and Tanya Avrith discussed the impact of creating a positive digital footprint.

To learn more this summer:

iPads, language learning, the MFL twitterati & sharing good practice – a UK perspective

We were fortunate to be able to reschedule Joe Dale (@JoeDale) for this past week! He gave us some wonderful ideas for using iPads, cultivating a professional learning community, as well as incorporating technology into language instruction.

To learn more this summer:

Resources from the Web

Connect, Collaborate and Create with Twitter in the Classroom
Great post about Kristen Wideen and all that she is doing with social media in her classroom.

7 of the Best New Add Ons for Google Docs and Sheets
Descriptions and screenshots of new Google Add Ons

Brain Research – Technology usage with kids |
Scoop.It page from Carl Hooker about brain research and screen time.

bulb | #NCCE14 Resources
Presentation resources from Jeremy Macdonald – teacher from Oregon

Google Drive Blog: Bring a little something extra to Docs and Sheets with add-ons
NEW! Use Add-ons for docs and sheets to have even more functionality with Google Drive.

Eden – World Builder
Interesting idea… this is like Minecraft for iPad.

IdeaStorm – A Free and Simple Drawing App
Free drawing tool, particularly for elementary students, that has NO login and saves automatically.

Accessibility options & assistive technology support for Chrome
Great set of extensions and apps to support different learners with Chromebooks.

Assistive Technology: Resource Roundup | Edutopia
Great set of blog posts, articles, and ideas for differentiating instruction.

The KYVL for Kids Research Portal – How to do research Home Base
Awesome tool from the Kentucky Virtual Library for teaching research skills – particularly for middle school students

Virtually School
Strong blog of classroom projects and examples.
Unlike other online converters, this way makes PDF documents into editable formats! Convert PDF to doc, xls, or ppt!

Speaky – Text & Article voice reader
Let Speaky distill web based articles and read them back to you.

Getting more from Book Creator
Great set of posts and examples with some info for using Book Creator