November 22, 2013

Weekly Resources – iPad Summit Boston Reflections, Posts, & Podcasts

It’s hard to believe that this time last week we were wrapping up the Boston 2013 iPad Summit. For those of you who attended, we can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm and insights over the two days. If you didn’t get to join us in Boston, both the Call for Proposals and Early Bird Registration are still open for San Diego!

This week, we have curated a number of posts and podcasts from last week’s event. Thanks to all who have been writing!

Insights Live from the 3rd iPad Summit from Jen Carey

As always, we can’t thank Jen enough for her live blogging and thoughtful reflections during each of our iPad Summits. In this post, she writes, “While officially an iPad conference, the theme of the Summit was definitely innovation and connectivity in education, whatever the device.”

>>Read the full article on PLP Network

iPad Summit Superlatives from Courtney Pepe

This is my third iPad Summit and today I came to the conclusion that Ed Tech Teacher’s Conferences are such good brain candy that it would cheapen the event if I were to blog about it with a Top 10 or a Top Five Reasons why I love the iPad Summit post. So I got to thinking about how I could properly capture the experience of having so many relevant edtech thought leaders under one roof at the same time. Then it came to me as I was having lunch at the Parker House today: I’ll make a high school style superlative post that highlights the creativity, intelligence, and passion of all us who chose to share our message at the conference.

The conference began with a keynote that celebrated the word nerd. Being part of this event made me grateful to share the same thought space as these talented individuals. So here is my EdTechTeacher Yearbook.

>> Read the full list on her blog!

What I Learned at the #ettipad Summit – from Margaret Powers

“The entire conference was focused on using iPads … and yet, it wasn’t.” Margaret offers great insights as well as a wonderful synthesis of ideas on her blog.

App Smashing Madness! #ettipad – from Miguel Guhlin

Though not at the Summit, Miguel offers a great summary of App Smashing from our own Greg Kulowiec and including images from Richard Wells (@iPadWells). Check out the full article on his blog.

ETT iPad Summit USA Boston Presentation Slides #ettipad – from Kyle Pearce

In addition to being able to view Kyle’s presentation slides, he offers a list of Big Ideas at the conclusion of the post that contain links to even more resources. Read the post on Tap Into Teen Minds.

EdTechTeachers, Journalism, iPads, and More – from Fred Haas

View Fred’s slides from the iPad Summit and read more about his journalism curriculum on his blog.

Holy Shift – Podcasts from French Teacher Gone Wired

We can’t thank Liane Paixao enough for recording and podcasting some of the presentations: