August 10, 2013

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We've had a great week of learning. Tom Daccord, Greg Kulowiec, Samantha Morra, and Shawn McCusker ran workshops in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois. Our Connected Learning webinar series kicked off. We published our August Newsletter, and we've been hard at work on a number of projects.

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Preparing for a Year of Mobile Learning
Tom Daccord kicked off the first webinar of this four-part series on Wednesday with guests Suzy Brooks, Todd Curtis, and Jason Heim. >>> The recording and discussion resources are now available. To learn more about the series, watch this short introduction from Co-Founder Justin Reich and San Diego iPad Summit Keynote Speaker, Mizuko Ito. Join us this week, August 14th at 4:00 pm PST, for Getting Going with Mobile Devices: Workflow, Organization, and Fundamentals with our own Don Orth, Holly Clark, Beth Holland, and Shawn McCusker.
Our own Holly Clark has teamed up with Tanya Avrith and Michael Quinn - educators from Montreal, Quebec - to create EduSlam - a series of short video interviews of innovative teachers to highlight best practices and winning ideas.
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Center of Technology: First Grade Scientists This teacher describes her use of LeafSnap in an elementary classroom for an inquiry-based science project. How to Add Attachments to Google Calendar Events This Free Technology for Teachers article includes a video tutorial from Richard Byrne on adding attachments and Google Docs to calendar events - a great tip for class assignment calendars. Grid "A place for projects and plans," Grid is a new way to create project "boards" on iPad. Learn Maths with Beluga Free math game with lots of hands-on ways for elementary students to explore basic math concepts. AutoRap The free AutoRap app converts spoken text into rap. Lots of potential for creative assessments: think vocab raps, history raps, science raps....