February 8, 2013

Weekly Resources & Suggestions
Lately, in addition to researching iPads, we have been exploring other tools such Google Apps, Chrome Books, and Android Tablets, as well as broader pedagogical topics like collaboration, reflection, and the impact of technology on the Common Core. This summer, we will be offering a host of workshops on these topics, and more, in Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago. We will also continue to run webinars throughout the remainder of the winter and spring. Upcoming topics include:
  • February 12th at 4:00 pm EST: Capturing, Sharing, and Resolving Perplexitywith guest Dan Meyer
  • February 28th at 5:00pm EST: Explain Everything: iPad Screencasting and More with guest Reshan Richards, creator of the Explain Everything app
  • March 7th (time TBD): Digital Storytelling from Text to Video with Guests Fitz & Becca Cahall from the Dirt Bag Diaries podcast series sponsored by Patagonia as well as The Season and a host of other films.
  • March 21 (time TBD): Computational Thinking (CT) as a new age competency for middle/high schoolers with Shuchi Grover, Stanford doctoral candidate and one of the creators of SmartBean

Weekly Resources

Flashcard Exchange Flashcard Exchange works much like Quizlet but with a slightly cleaner interface. Students can create flashcards with images or their own text and then test themselves. Flashcards can be published and shared as well. It does work with some apps for review on mobile devices. Tags: flashcards, education, study, learning How to Create Your Own Textbook — With or Without Apple | MindShift Mind/Shift - create & curate content w/out iBooks Author Tags: curate, curation, eBook, eBooks 1:1 in Practice at Sinarmas World Academy: Create - Publish - iBookstore Complete process of creating and publishing an eBook from BookCreator to iTunes Tags: bookcreator, itunes, ibook, eBook, publish PicView Much like Fotobabble, PicView lets you upload pictures from the camera roll, or take pictures, add annotations and then record audio. Tags: digital storytelling, fluency, voice, elementary, app YouTube Capture Made for iPod/iPhone, record video, add comments, and then upload directly to YouTube. Tags: youtube, video, app Little Story Maker Now that ScribblePress isn't free, this is a great alternative for elementary digital storytelling. Little Story Maker lets students incorporate images from the photo roll as well as record their own audio with their stories - all for FREE. Tags: app, story, ipad, elementary inClass Another note taking app that includes the ability to add video notes as well as photo notes. Tags: organization, differentiation, notetaking Ebook Glue | Turn your blog into a downloadable ebook. Convert a blog feed into a ePub file. This could be a great culminating activity after a year of active student blogging. Tags: ebook, ePub, ebooks, blogging Learning Notes From An iPad Workshop At Sidwell's Lower School | Fichter For Understanding Great blog post of reflections and lessons learned from an elementary workshop at Sidwell Friends School. Tags: learning, ipad, workshop, elementary, blog Digicubes for iPad on the iTunes App Store Similar to ABCYas manipulatives app. Tags: math, manipulatives, elementary TRUE Learning - Teaching and Learning Reflectively using Electronic Portfolios Blog that outlines elementary portfolios using Evernote Tags: portfolios, Evernote iPads in Teacher Observations - Classroom 2.0 Classroom 2.0 Discussion forum about using iPads for teacher evaluations Tags: evaluation, eval, walkthrough, walkthroughs Technology Integration for Math Engagement » Creating Equation iBooks with Book Creator Great post about creating math books to introduce problem solving. Tags: technology integration, math, ebook, project, blog Apps for Secondary Teachers This is a great list of apps, organized by content area as well as learning objective. Tags: ipad, apps, education, middle school, high school TapTyping - typing trainer This is a free typing program for iPad. There are some in-app purchases for more advanced lessons. An interesting feature is the heat map to indicate finger placement. Tags: typing