August 3, 2013

Weekly update for the First Week of August
It's hard to believe that August has arrived! We wrapped up our summer workshop series this past week in Boston and jump straight into back-to-school professional development in the next few days. This month, we have an exciting new opportunity with Connected Learning. Beginning this week, we’ll host four conversations with fabulous educators that explore how great teachers are rethinking and reshaping their classrooms and teaching with mobile devices. Come join us for this 4-part series on Preparing for a Year of Mobile Learning.

Articles from the ETT Team

iPad for Personal Professional Development – From Jen Carey on Edudemic
From consumption to curation to creation, Jen Carey built on her Atlanta iPad Summit talk to outline ways in which teachers can begin using iPad to support their own professional development.
App Smashing Posts from Greg Kulowiec
Greg's app smashing concept has exploded. Just search #appsmash on Twitter to join the conversation. He published three new posts on the topic and has started quite the app smashing challenge. AppSmashing X Video - What happens when you mix: 1 Part Explain Everything, 1 Part Tellgagami, 1 Part Tiltshift Video, and 1 Part iMovie iPads X RSA Animate X AppSmashing - Explain Everything, TiltShift Video, and iMovie to create RSA style films. Carl Hooker jumped in on the app smashing fun and created this smash with Popplet, Explain Everything, Tellgagami, & iMovie.

Resources from the Web

How to Use Google News to Find Primary Sources - YouTube Video tutorial on how to use Google News to find primary source documents. How do you organize your Google Drive? Detailed article on Google Drive organization for workflow with students. Chrome OS Educational packs Educational app packs recommended by Google to use with the Chrome browser or on Chromebooks. - Google Docs for Visual People Collaborative, robust, "walls" for displaying content in a variety of spatial arrangements. Works across devices. My Story - Book Maker for Kids eBook creator for elementary students that not only allows students to create and share their eBooks but also draw directly in the book. AR Flashcards Create AR supported flashcards for elementary students. Currently works for animals, alphabet, and some dinosaurs. How to Use Android Beam to Wirelessly Transfer Content Between Devices How to use Android Beam & built in NFC to share certain types of content by touching devices. UTGreat Screencasting for Android and hopefully Nexus tablets