August 26, 2015

Why Is Measuring Learning So Difficult? A Video Conversation with iPad Summit Keynoter, Justin Reich

Check out this new video from EDUCAUSE with four experts, including EdTechTeacher co-founder and iPad Summit Boston Keynote Speaker, Justin Reich addressing the question, “Why is measuring learning difficult?”

On his blog, EdTechResearcher, Justin says this video has “some good reflections on learning analytics, data, MOOCs, testing, pyschometrics, and more with a nice balance of humility and optimism. Learning is much more complex than we can ever really pin down, but that doesn’t mean that we can conduct meaningful assessments that lets students and mentors identify their learning experiences as, as Gardner Campbell says, find new doorways forward.”


Justin will be keynoting our November 17-18 EdTechTeacher iPad Summit in Boston! Early Bird Registration is OPEN!