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We offer live, free ed tech webinars throughout the school year aimed at helping educators integrate technology effectively in the classroom. This is a great opportunity learn something new, as well as to connect with other teachers from across the country and around the world.

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Spring 2015 Webinars

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Spring Webinars 2015

Join us this Spring to wrap up your school year with new ideas and resources.

April 14: AppSmashing and ChromeSmashing with Mobile Devices 

4pm EST/ 1 PM PST

Speakers: Beth Holland, Brenda Doucette and Avra Robinson 


April 23rd: Building Your Community with the Cloud

6pm EST/ 3PM PST

Speakers: Sabba QuidwaiBeth Holland, and Avra Robinson


April 29th: Unleashing Student Creativity 

5pm EST/ 2PM PST

Speakers: Shawn McCuskerBeth Holland, and Avra Robinson


Past Webinars

We have even more webinars archived from past years. Check out the wealth of resources available.